San Jose Mercury News Obituaries - May 16th & 17th, 1996

Hebert Boulton grew up in Pennsylvania and Connecticut before settling in California where he lived the last 26 years in Santa Clara County. A pioneer, he worked on the Nautilus, the world’s first atomic submarine, the Surveyor, the first space craft to land on the moon, and many other firsts in the Aerospace industry, including the X-15 and the first geosynchronous satellites produced by Hughes Aircraft. In the 1970s, he became one of the leading authorities in the field of Infrared Thermography, a field he remained in until he retired from Bales Scientific in 1994. Even in retirement, his engineering brilliance was applied to the problems of purifying water in association with his friends at Ion Technology.

He was survived by his loving wife of 44 years, Trudy, his 8 children: David, Richard, Cathy, Bonny, Lindy, Daniel, Robert, and Terry, and by his 17 grandchildren: Mistie, Dustin, Nichole, Daniel, Jessica, Daaron, Autumn, Jamie, Meghann, Genevieve, Allicia, Danny, Matthew, Kelly, Deanna, Sarah and Marlena.

He will be remembered in a private service today, and, in honor of his long love of computers from the TRS-80 to the Pentium, his final resting place will be a memorial cite on the world wide web.

Herbert Boulton - A memorial service was held at 11:00 AM May 17th at 5932 Rainbow Dr. San Jose by his 17 grandchildren. The grandchildren, ranging from 2 weeks to 23 years old, held a candlelit dialogue in honor of their grandpa, created drawings for a planned web-site and planted a tiny oak tree.

Those in attendance were: Mistie Boulton, Daniel Tibbetts, Jessica DiLeonardo, Daaron Boulton, Jamie Tibbetts, Meghann Holland, Genny DiLeonardo, Allicia Tibbetts, Danny Holland, Matthew Boulton, Kellie Boulton, Deanna Kaparo-Boulton, Sarah Boulton and Marlena Moreno. Unable to attend were: Dustin Boulton who did participate by Email, Nicole Boulton and Autumn Boulton

"He always knew what he needed to do. He was: a pioneer, a paper airplane maker, he gave me my computer, he showed me games, he was the best yawner. He had the biggest ideas. I’m glad I got to meet you. I liked to watch him sit in his favorite chair. When we needed help he was always there and we had fun at his house. He’s really nice and the airport smells like him. I love when Papa picks me up and lets me sit in his lap. I’ll always love my Grandpa. Grandpa’s love is in the meadow in my heart. He was a man who loved his children and grandchildren. I always felt his love. He had a warm heart and lived his life for his family. Father of Fathers. He will live inside us all. He was a caring, gentle and a very intelligent human being and I will never forget him. None of us will. He is a part of us and we are a part of him. We are one family - we love you Grandpa"